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For people who spend a lot of time writing spelling can be a big problem. Sometimes it's a case of someone being a poor speller all the way around, other times it's a matter of being a good speller with poor typing skills. Either way, going through and correcting all your spelling errors is time-consuming and frustrating.

If you're using a typical word processor like Microsoft Office or Open Office you have a built-in spell checker that can be used either on-the-fly or when you're all done writing. But what about a basic text editor or e-mail program that doesn't offer automatic spell checking? If you have Babylon 9, it's not a problem. Babylon offers a spelling function compatible with of the software you're running on your computer.

How Babylon 9 spelling works

One of the nicest features of Babylon 9 is the fact that it integrates seamlessly with your other software. For example, if you're using the Thunderbird e-mail client from Mozilla, you would see a yellow icon appear in the upper left portion of the screen when typing a new e-mail.

When you're ready to have Babylon spell check your document you would simply click that icon of and let it do its thing. The software scans your entire document and highlights your errors. It even offers suggestions for correct spellings.

Best of all, Babylon 9 should work with any software for you to enter text. It's you have a program specifically conflicts with Babylon 9 it should work trouble-free worthier typing e-mails and documents for school, created a website, or even filling out online comment forms. As long as you opt to have Babylon start when Windows boots, you never even have to worry about starting it. It's just there when you need it.

Babylon the spelling with foreign languages

What if you are writing in English document but you need to insert a few French phrases or words? Checking their spellings is as easy as using the program's one click translation. Simply:
  • place your cursor over the word in question
  • hold the Ctrl key and right-click the mouse
  • use the pop-up window to check the word's dictionary entry for spelling
Babylon 9's spelling function is an easy way to make sure all of your documents are error-free. It's quick, easy-to-use, and compatible with most Microsoft and Mac software. But there is one catch: though it's available in the trial version of the software, the feature becomes inaccessible once the trial period expires. So if you decide you like the spelling function after using it for a while, you'll have to consider buying a license to keep using it.

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