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Babylon 9

For years Babylon has been a household name in translation software for Windows and Mac computers. In its early years the software offered a hard drive-based application which utilized downloadable dictionaries and manually entered text. But the latest version, known as Babylon 9, takes translation to the next level.

Babylon 9 works as a background process on Windows and Mac machines, allowing you to translate words, phrases, or entire blocks of text using simple keystroke combinations and mouse clicks. It works whether you're viewing a website, reading a text document, or viewing a PDF sent to you from a colleague.

Babylon 9 dictionaries

Since its inception, the one thing that Babylon software has been well known for is its dictionaries. The software's creators use the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionaries available in all of the languages the program translates. Some of the most widely used languages are Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Portuguese. But the software offers dictionaries of more than 75 languages including:
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Hebrew
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
Babylon 9 even integrates seamlessly with word processor dictionaries and spell checkers. If you have Microsoft Office for example, you'll be able to use the software right alongside the built-in spell-check function. The seamless integration is a must-have for individuals who need to prepare documents in multiple languages.

Babylon 9 is fast

One might think that because of Babylon 9 operates on a live, online model the software would be slow. But just the opposite is true. The software is lightning fast thanks to resident dictionaries that are accessed correctly from your computer's hard drive. An Internet connection is required to fully maximize the software, but most of the grunt work is done right on your computer.

Because Babylon 9 runs as a background process, it also doesn't eat up vital resources your computer needs for other tasks. Processes are unlike programs in that they only utilize RAM when they're active. When Babylon 9 is in active it sits quietly in the background and doesn't interfere with anything else your computer is doing.

Need to see translation in multiple languages? No worries, Babylon 9 does that quickly too. You can designate the specific languages you need or let the software translate into all of the languages included in your software. Either way, it's still just as fast and seamless.

Babylon 9 is free to try

The creators of Babylon 9 are so confident in their software they offer customers a free trial version with no questions asked. The trial offers enough features to give consumers a good idea of how things work. All of Babylon 9's advanced features can be accessed by purchasing a license, but users who are content with the limited features of the trial version can continue using it.

Some of the advanced features include:
  • a pronunciation function allowing users to hear a word pronounced by a male or female voice
  • time zone, currency, and unit conversion
  • spelling and proofreading function
  • access to the Babylon Live Translation Community
  • ...much, much more
The creators of the Babylon software have hit another home run with their ninth version. There is simply no better software product available that gives you instant translations, word definition lookups, and a whole host of advanced features to help you make the most of communicating in different languages. Once you begin using Babylon 9 it's hard to imagine how you got along without it.

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