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Translate English PDF to Chinese (T)

For some people translating from one language to another comes very naturally as long as both languages utilise some sort of alphabet system. However, with a language like Traditional Chinese, where characters are used to express entire words and ideas, translating can be challenging. Character-based writing is a concept that is difficult to grasp for some people.

Thankfully, Babylon 9 makes it easy to translate English PDF's to Traditional Chinese without having to have any knowledge of the appropriate character set. Anyone who can use a mouse to navigate around a computer can use Babylon effortlessly.

Get accurate Translations of English PDF's

Computer-based translation tools have been slow to catch on because many of them are questionable when it comes to accuracy. Not Babylon. The software's development team has gone above and beyond what is normally done in the industry to create a product that is incredibly accurate and reliable. How do they do it?

Rather than depending on just one or two standard dictionaries installed on your hard drive, Babylon takes advantage of your computer's Internet connection to access more than 2,000 dictionary titles online. Such an extensive library of resources insurers Babylon stays up to date with Traditional Chinese writing and characters.

Using an online model also insurers Babylon remains fast. With no need to store tons of information on your hard drive, and the software's limited need for computer resources, Babylon is incredibly fast. You have to see it to believe it.

Translate English PDF's and more

Though our Babylon promotion focuses mainly on PDF documents the software is not confined to just this one area. It will work just as well with almost any program you have on your Windows or Mac computer. You can use a Babylon to translate:
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • documents from other popular office suites
  • e-mail and websites
  • computer-based presentation documents
Babylon's flexibility and versatility make it your "all-in-one" translation software option. No other commercial translation product can even compare. If you need proof, consider the fact that there are more than 100 million Babylon users around the world. They are using the software not only to translate English PDF's to Traditional Chinese, but also for translation support of more than 75 different languages.

Translate English PDF's night or day

The nice thing about using a computer-based solution such as Babylon is that it allows you to translate English PDF's to Traditional Chinese any time, day or night. When you are dealing with human translators, you are forced to work on their schedules to some extent. However, with Babylon, you can translate whenever it is convenient for you.

Beyond just word-for-word translation, Babylon also gives you some other important features. For example, once you have translated a document you can use the software to spell check and proofread it for accuracy. You can also translate your document into multiple languages as the need arises. Just choose the appropriate options in the Babylon settings.

Whether your translation needs are large or small, you need Babylon. Whether you are translating for work, school, or your own personal enjoyment you need Babylon. In other words, there is no other translation software that can do all that Babylon can. Do not waste your time on the others; get the real thing.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


75 Languages
With this free software your documents can be translated to and from all popular languages.
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Don't like waiting? Neither do we. With just one click your documents are instantly translated.
24/7 Support
Dedicated multi-lingual support staff, on hand to help whenever you need.
Full Webpage Translation
Not just documents... We also translate webpages and can assist with live translations.
Made by Industry Leaders
This free software is made by the leading company in translation technologies. You're in safe hands...


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