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Translate Danish PDF to Other Languages

If you are fluent in Danish and several other languages, translating your PDFs might not be difficult. Most of us are not in that position, however. For us, multi-language translation means using an online service like Google Translate or hiring professionals to do the work. Online services are not very accurate and professionals are rather expensive. However, there is another option.

If you have a Windows or Mac computer, you can translate Danish PDFs to other languages using a program called Babylon 9. This software program has been around since 1998. It is a product from an Israeli development team committed to giving customers the most accurate and reliable computer based translations in a package that is easy and comfortable to use.

Translate Danish PDFs with multiple language support

In terms of other languages, the most impressive thing about Babylon is that it supports more than 75 of them. In addition, when you consider there are only just over 100 unique languages in use today, that is impressive. It would be hard to find a document with text that could not be translated by Babylon.

With Babylon you get support for the big five languages of English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Chinese. However, you can also translate from Danish to:
  • Finnish, Swedish, German
  • Korean, Japanese, Thai
  • Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic
  • Romanian, Croatian, Albanian
  • Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish

Translate Danish PDFs and more

You will be happy to know the Babylon software is not limited to just the PDF format. We have concentrated on PDFs thus far because they are the most popular document format for international communications. Nevertheless, Babylon also works with other formats, both proprietary and open source.

For example, the software easily translates documents in popular office suites like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice. You can use it to translate your e-mails and websites as well. Essentially, it will work with just about any program on your computer where text is utilised.

Translate English PDFs effortlessly

Despite the fact that Babylon supports so many different languages, the program itself makes translating effortless. For large portions of text, including entire documents, simply paste the text into the Babylon translation window and click the "translate" button. You will have access to as many different languages as you have chosen in your options.

To translate short phrases or single words you can use the Babylon's one-click translation tool. This tool requires just a mouse click and keystroke to get instant translations in a pop-up window. Again, you get translations for as many languages as you have chosen in your options. Best of all, you can add and remove languages from the program as needed.

Keep in mind Babylon does so much more than just straight translation. It includes additional features like in-line spell check and proofreading, audio pronunciation of words using human voices, and conversions for time zones, currencies, and units of measure. Moreover, with access to more than 2,000 dictionary titles you can be sure your translations are as accurate as possible.

If you do not have the financial resources to hire professionals, then don't worry. Translate your Danish PDFs to other languages on your Windows or Mac computer with Babylon.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


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