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Translate Any Language PDFs to English

Translating documents from multiple languages to English is something that's done every day by both large organizations and individual consumers. The only question is how do they do it? Some will use paper dictionaries and an old-fashioned pen and paper. Some will use free translation websites like Google Translate. Others might even endeavour to hire professional translators at a fairly steep price.

All of those options certainly have their merits but they also have their drawbacks. Manual translations are time-consuming, free websites are usually not very accurate, and paid translators are expensive. Now you can do better than all three options by using the Babylon software.

Translate any language PDFs with the world's best software

If you are not familiar with the Babylon brand name, you should be. Babylon has been an industry leader in computer-based translation since the first edition was introduced in 1998. In the nearly 15 years since, the creators of the software have continued to improve their product to the extent that it is now the world's best selling translation software with more than 100 million registered users.

So what makes Babylon so good? It is a combination of an impressive list of features and a design concept makes the software reliable, accurate, and extremely easy to use. Babylon doesn't require you have any extensive computer or language knowledge nor does it bog you down with so many options around which you can't find your way. If you can use a word processor, you can easily use Babylon.

Translate PDFs with dozens of language options

If you're the type of user who deals with multiple languages then you'll be happy to know Babylon supports more than 75 options. You can translate from some of the most well known languages like Spanish and Chinese or from more obscure ones like Armenian and Yiddish. Among the dozens of options you can choose from are:
  • French, Italian, German
  • Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian
  • Romanian, Croatian, Ukrainian
  • Egyptian, Arabic, Hebrew
  • Japanese, Hindi, Korean
With so many different languages supported by the software, it would be difficult to find a document Babylon could not translate to English. And that's no exaggeration. With only about 100 entirely unique languages in the world, the fact the Babylon has 75% of them covered is pretty impressive.

Translating PDFs with Babylon is easy

If you are not a big fan of complicated software, you'll love Babylon for sure. It has been designed with ease-of-use in mind; something you'll first notice by way of a beautiful interface that integrates seamlessly with your operating system. You will find the menus and commands are familiar, the look and feel is comfortable, and the overall experience seems like a natural extension of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.

When it comes to translating, you can work with single words and sentences with one keystroke and mouse click. For larger portions of text you simply copy and paste into the main Babylon translation window and click the "translate" button. In either case, getting the translations you need is extremely simple.

There's no need to spend a lot of time or money in order to translate documents in multiple languages to English. There's also no need to sacrifice accuracy for budgetary reasons. Babylon gives you the best of all worlds in a package that is very affordable and very productive.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


75 Languages
With this free software your documents can be translated to and from all popular languages.
Super fast - one click translate
Don't like waiting? Neither do we. With just one click your documents are instantly translated.
24/7 Support
Dedicated multi-lingual support staff, on hand to help whenever you need.
Full Webpage Translation
Not just documents... We also translate webpages and can assist with live translations.
Made by Industry Leaders
This free software is made by the leading company in translation technologies. You're in safe hands...


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