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Translate Any Language PDFs to French

Despite the fact that there are more than 200 million French- speaking people in the world, the French language is not the dominant language of business culture it used to be. So what can you do if you have PDF documents that need to be translated into French? One option is to get Babylon 9.

Babylon Ltd. has been producing the world's leading translation software since 1997. Their products have consistently been rated among the best in their category because of their quality, reliability, and features. The ninth version of their software is certainly no exception.

Translate PDF's from more than 75 languages

Babylon 9 offers support for more than 75 languages from around the world. You can translate into French from English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and so many more. Best of all, you can choose to install language support for all of them or just the specific ones you need.

Such a broad scope of language options makes Babylon 9 an invaluable tool for:
  • government institutions
  • colleges and universities
  • multi-national companies
  • international companies with clients in other countries
  • international investment firms
  • law firms
  • many, many more

Translate any language PDF's in real-time

Babylon 9 offers you live, real-time translation using the most up-to-date resources available. How do they manage this? By designing the software to take advantage of broadband Internet connections. Babylon 9 runs as a process rather than a program, and maintains a constant online connection as long as your computer is also connected.

When you need a translation from any language to French, Babylon has instant access to not only its own dictionaries, but also plethora of online resources including Wikipedia in 25 different languages. Being online means Babylon is always up-to-date and giving you the latest and most accurate translations.

How to translate any language PDF's to French

If you need to translate an entire document or several big blocks of text, you can use the tried-and-true copy-and-paste method. Just be sure that you have the document protection option turned off in the Acrobat Reader settings. If you're not using Acrobat you still may have turn off that feature in whatever reader you use.

To translate large portions of text highlight it in your PDF reader, copy the text to your clipboard, and paste it into the translation window provided by Babylon. There will be a drop-down menu for you to choose multiple languages if necessary. With the simple click of the "translate" button the text will be transformed before your eyes.

For single words or short phrases Babylon 9 offers one-click translation. This method is a quick and easy way to get brief translations in multiple languages. It uses a combination of the Ctrl key and a right-click of the mouse. That combination invokes a pop-up window with the appropriate translations in whatever languages you've chosen.

Multiple languages are no longer a problem with PDF's when you use Babylon 9 translation software. You can use Babylon to translate PDF's in more than 75 languages directly to French without missing a beat.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


75 Languages
With this free software your documents can be translated to and from all popular languages.
Super fast - one click translate
Don't like waiting? Neither do we. With just one click your documents are instantly translated.
24/7 Support
Dedicated multi-lingual support staff, on hand to help whenever you need.
Full Webpage Translation
Not just documents... We also translate webpages and can assist with live translations.
Made by Industry Leaders
This free software is made by the leading company in translation technologies. You're in safe hands...


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