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Japanese is an East Asian language and part of the Japonic language family. Not much is known of its roots or its relationship to other languages, like Korean, because records prior to the third century BC do not exist. Yet in the 21st-century one thing is clear: Japan is an economic powerhouse, making it absolutely necessary for those in other countries to be able to communicate with their Japanese counterparts via written language.

When it comes to PDFs and other computer- generated documents, the best way to communicate is to translate to and from Japanese using a software program like Babylon. Computer translations are faster, less expensive, and more efficient than human translators and with a program like Babylon, they are extremely accurate as well.

Translate Japanese with the world's best-selling tool

The Babylon brand was first introduced in 1998 by an Israeli software development team with an idea for accurate and fast computer-based translations. Since those early years, the software has gone on to be the world's best-selling computer translation tool with more than 100 million registered users. Very few other software products can make such claims.

Babylon is a favourite among businesses needing to translate all sorts of documents for international clients and business partners. It is great for sales brochures, policy manuals, business proposals, etc. Likewise, government entities use the software to trade communications with one another as do educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and research organizations. Even home users have found Babylon to be invaluable.

Translate PDFs with power and flexibility

The first time you run Babylon you will find out it's more than just a simple translation tool. It is packed full of powerful features you will not find any place else. Features like:
  • one-click translation and dictionary lookup
  • Wikipedia access in 25 languages
  • thousands of dictionary titles
  • spell check and proofreading in Microsoft Office
  • seamless integration with Adobe Acrobat
  • comfortable and familiar interface
Although this list of features is just for starters, you can easily see all the potential Babylon has for home or office use. Wherever you need to Japanese text translated to another language, or translation in the other direction, Babylon is up to the task. You just need to download and install it.

Translate other Japanese documents

It is true that Babylon is the best translation software for your Japanese PDFs. But why stop there? The software will work flawlessly with just about any document format and any program running on your computer. For example, if you use Microsoft Office as your main productivity suite it should please to know Babylon supports it fully.

You can translate your word processor files, presentations, spreadsheets, and Exchange files all with just a few clicks of the mouse. When you're working online, Babylon will translate Japanese websites within Internet Explorer or any other mainstream web browser. You can even use it with your e-mail client as well.

Because of the complex nature of Japanese writing, most translation tools for the computer seem to have difficulty with it. That is not the case with Babylon. With access to more than 2,000 online dictionaries and other relevant and up-to-date resources, Babylon can handle your Japanese translations with ease. Try it for yourself and see just how powerful it is.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


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