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Translating your documents couldn’t be easier. Simply select your document, choose your language, and within seconds your document will be translated.
  • Translates multiple file formats
  • Over 75 Languages
  • Completely Free
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PDF Translator

Translate PDF documents, Word documents and complete Webpages the easy way. There's no need to upload files and wait a translation service to finish processing the file!

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)

PDF Translator

You can translate PDF files easy after you download the babylon software (free download button above)

How the PDF Translator works

After you’ve downloaded the translator:
  • Go to text translate – Document Translation.
  • Open the document (PDF or another file) from your computer.
  • From the drop down boxes select the languages you want translated, on the left select the pdf language and on the right select the desired language (eg. English).
  • That’s it, the file will be translated instantly!

Translate text, a webpage or a document

What language can you translate to/from ?

With this language translation tool you can translate any-to-any from the 75 supported languages.

Documents type supported

You can translate PDF Documents, Adobe Acrobat documents, Word documents, docs etc.. and also you will have toolbar that can instantly translate website text


75 Languages
With this free software your documents can be translated to and from all popular languages.
Super fast - one click translate
Don't like waiting? Neither do we. With just one click your documents are instantly translated.
24/7 Support
Dedicated multi-lingual support staff, on hand to help whenever you need.
Full Webpage Translation
Not just documents... We also translate webpages and can assist with live translations.
Made by Industry Leaders
This free software is made by the leading company in translation technologies. You're in safe hands...


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  Jean Pierre  

  Hans Klaus  

  Miguel Ramos  

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