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Translate Chinese (S) PDF to Other Languages

Sometimes the idea of translating simplified Chinese PDF's to other languages is a daunting one. Especially given the fact that Chinese, in its written form, involve thousands of different characters that need to be memorised. For someone who speaks Chinese only as a second language, translating can be a nightmare. There is a solution, however, if you have a Windows or Mac-based computer.

That solution is known as Babylon 9. A software package put together by an Israeli development team committed to providing the most accurate and reliable translations possible. With Babylon, you can translate Simplified Chinese to dozens of different languages without breaking a sweat.

Translate Chinese PDF's for use all over the world

There are about 200 unique languages in use today. Of that number, about half are dialects based on other languages or combinations of multiple languages. That leaves about 100 that are truly unique in every sense of the word. Babylon offers support for more than 75 of them. With so many supported it would be hard to find a PDF or other documents the software could not handle.

In addition to the major languages like English, French, and Portuguese Babylon can also translate your Simplified Chinese documents into:
  • Japanese, Korean, Thai
  • Albanian, Romanian, Ukrainian
  • Swedish, Danish, Finnish
  • German, Italian, Spanish
  • Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic

Translate Chinese PDF's with accuracy

With so many language options possible, you might be wondering how Babylon keeps it all straight. If the truth be known, the software is incredibly accurate thanks to its ability to access thousands of online resources. In other words, rather than being limited to just a handful of dictionaries installed on your computer's hard drive, Babylon connects to the Internet whenever your computer is connected so it can make use of online dictionaries.

By utilising this method, the software keeps up with the best resources available. Doing things this way also makes the software incredibly fast. Since it does not install a lot of information on your hard drive, it requires very few computer resources and does not slow down your other programs. Babylon also resides quietly in your computer's system tray, minding its own business until you need it.

Do more than translate Chinese PDF's

There is no doubt Babylon is a great translation tool to convert your Chinese PDF's to other languages. However, it's not limited to just the PDF format. You can use it to translate word processor documents, spreadsheets, presentations, plain text files, e-mail, and even full websites. As far as Babylon is concerned, text is text; it will work with all of it.

You are also not limited to translating within Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. Though these two programs do get some special attention, Babylon works with just about any program on your computer. It does an especially fantastic job with web browsers and e-mail clients; much better than free resources like Google Translate and other websites.

Simplified Chinese can be a bit more challenging to translate than other languages. However, thanks to Babylon 9, you can translate your PDF's and other documents from Simplified Chinese into dozens of other languages. Moreover, you can do so quickly, easily, and affordably.

Translating PDF documents is an easy task with Babylon translator. Try the software Free download PDF Translate (Download link)


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